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The 1st Grade Program will cover the reasons why someone should call 911 along with other safety messages from Sioux Falls Fire Rescue and Avera's Family Life Educators.  The program consists of a short fun video going over the reasons for calling 911 and then we will have time for questions.  The planned time for this program is between 20-25 minutes and it is virtual.  You will need to use your laptop and smartboard for this lesson.

The 2nd grade program is about having a home escape plan in case there is a fire in the home. We have partnered with Avera in creating a fun interactive new program for the schools that is delivered via a Webex meeting.  We will also discuss the importance of having working smoke alarms in the home.  We have a fun video which will introduce the lesson then we will discuss the learning objectives with the class.  We then finish the time by taking questions from the students about the fire service.  The entire lesson only takes around 20-25 minutes.  We look forward to being a part of your classroom and thanks for everything that you do for your students!

Please include in the notes section when you sign up how many students are in your class.

The Fire Safety House will come to your school for a fun hands on interactive lesson to teach 3rd graders the importance of having a fire escape plan.  The simulation will have the students in a safe environment where they experience fake smoke filling a room and setting off a smoke alarm.  The students then are required to exit the house safely.  The lesson is about 20-25 minutes per section and each section should be ready to participate after one section completes the lesson.  

Classes are encouraged to watch the video that will be sent to each school before partaking in the hands on portion.


Please include in the notes how many sections will be participating, so we can plan accordingly.

The 4th grade program is about exercising and eating healthy along with getting enough sleep.  We have partnered with an Avera dietician to help demonstrate how even for our job as firefighters that we need to eat healthy, get enough sleep and exercise so we can perform our job well.  We also discuss how important smoke alarms are in the home and how they can save lives.  We have a fun introductory video that we play then we discuss the learning objectives and then finally open the discussion up for questions at the end of the Webex meeting.  The program usually takes about 20-25 mintues.  We look forward to being a part of your classroom and thanks for everything that you do for the students!

Please include in the notes section how many students are in your class.

HeartCode BLS

THIS IS A SKILLS SESSION ONLY. A printed certificate of completion from the online module must be presented at the skills session.

 HeartCode BLS uses the latest eSimulation technology to enable students to assess and treat patients in virtual healthcare settings. Utilizing a variety of eLearning assets such as dramatizations, eSimulations, animations, self-directed learning, and interactive activities, this course teaches BLS knowledge and skills.

 You may purchase and complete this course at:

BLS training is intended for healthcare professionals (certified or noncertified, licensed or nonlicensed), including:

  • physicians
  • nurses
  • dental
  • emergency medical technicians
  • respiratory, physical, and occupational therapists
  • physician's assistants
  • residents or fellows
  • medical or nursing students in training
  • aides, medical or nursing assistants, and other allied health personnel

This is a SKILLS SESSION ONLY. A printed certificate of completion from the online portion must be presented at the time of the skills session.

Heartsaver CPR AED Online is the eLearning portion of the Heartsaver CPR AED blended learning course and is designed to teach students the cognitive information needed for CPR and AED training. Upon completion of the online portion, students must complete a hands-on session with an AHA BLS or Heartsaver Instructor. This course provides students with the convenience of completing the course at their own pace wherever they have access to the Internet. It includes interactive exercises and videos to engage students and provide periodic points of knowledge transference, along with audio and transcript for students who may have a hearing or visual disability.

There are three options for this course depending on the type of certification required. Course can be purchased and completed with the links below.

CPR/AED (Child care providers must complete Adult/Child and Infant Modules)

CPR/AED with First Aid

Pediatric CPR/ First Aid (childcare specific)


This is a payment module for instructors to submit payment for courses. Once a roster has been aproved payment must be recieved prior to issuing of cards.

The famous Kindergarten Puppet Show teaches important fire safety topics through fun songs and of course puppets!  The program covers what kids should do if they find matches or lighters,in addition to stop, drop and roll, and crawling low under smoke.  The show will also cover how hot water can burn kids and how to check the bath water temperature.  The show has added some fun new additions including a portion where two random kids are selected and race to put on real firefighter gear (kid's size)!  The entire program takes about 45 minutes and will need to be in a large area to accomodate all of the kindergarten sections (one show per school).  Sioux Falls Fire Rescue and Avera Family Life Educators look forward to meeting you and your students!